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Comox Valley ~ "Recreational Capital of Canada" 


One night a First Nations elder, Quoi Qwa Lak, dreamed that a great flood would come and fill the land with water. Respectful of their elders, the village heeded the warning and filled their canoes with smoked fish, dried meat, and woven capes then tied their boats to the glacier above the Valley. The rain came and filled the Valley until the great glacier was under water. Suddenly, the people shouted "Queneesh, the White Whale!". The glacier had come to life, a white whale breeching in the floodwater, the rain suddenly stopped and the people were saved. Thereafter, the Comox Glacier has stood guard over the Valley, protector of those that dwelled below.

Comox Glacier, on the edge of Strathcona Park in the Beaufort Mountain Range, is the only glacier on Vancouver Island. Ten thousand years ago the Ice Age retreated, leaving the ancient icepack as a reminder of the geologic effort it took to carve the Comox Valley. As a result, the Courtenay area provided ample farmland to pioneer homesteaders arriving from Europe in the 1860s who began clearing land for crops then logging. Valuable coal seams were discovered at Cumberland and shipping ports were established at Union Bay (home to one of only two operational wooden Canadian Post Offices). The Comox Bay, at Comox, provided a natural sea port for Royal Navy ships to "coal up" before they steamed across the Pacific at the turn of the last century. As a result of these developments, cosmopolitan communities emerged in the Comox Valley to create the distinct culture the area now enjoys.

Today, the Comox Valley (from Fanny Bay oyster beds to the farmlands of Black Creek) is a haven for recreation and culture. The mountainous surroundings include world-class Mount Washington, a 30 minute drive from the Comox Valley and a year-round destination. The popular mountain has Alpine runs for expert skiers and snowboarders, 55 kilometres of groomed Nordic trails (the training venue to the Canadian National Cross Country Ski Team), a mogul course, black diamond terrain park (The Stomping Ground), and snowshoeing routes. Summertime mountain bikers arrive in droves. Despite the mountains the moderating influence of the ocean ensures Comox Valley's "Mediterranean-like climate" and a surplus of outdoor activity.

The Comox Valley is famous for more than 50 annual Festivals! From music, to art, to culture there is a celebration for every fancy. The Town of Comox hosts the North Island Hot Jazz Festival, Courtenay puts on the Vancouver Island Music Festival, and Cumberland is home to the indie music event Big Time Out. Culturally, Comox welcomes fine artists to the Filberg Festival, Courtenay is host of the World Community Documentary Film Festival, and Cumberland honours the Chinese Community's historical contribution to town-building at the Lantern Festival.

Comox is home to the Canadian Forces Base Comox. First opened in 1942 as a Pacific stronghold and has since added a very convenient civilian airport. Today, the Base hosts the aerobatic Snowbirds for April training, the Comox Air Force Museum, and the HMCS Quadra National Sea Cadets training facility. Courtenay has benefited from the effect of shifting tectonic plates which have forced marine burial grounds to the surface and fossils are found in abundance in the Valley; the first Elasmosaurus west of the Rocky Mountains was found in 1988 embedded in shale along the Puntledge River. Cumberland has initiated a town renaissance with trendy Youth Hostels for skiers, artsy cafes, and enhanced green spaces " . . . including the Comox Lake, a great camping, fishing, and boating destination.

The Comox Valley is home to active retirees, mid-career professionals, military personnel, students at North Island College (NIC), and families of all ages. From family homes and summer cottages, to raw acreage and waterfront estates Comox Valley has an abundance of real estate choices. Houses prices prove the value of investment and Coast Realty Group (Comox Valley) proves the value of professionalism by putting People.Above all.